OWU,WEEP! by switz

Weep! Weep! Daughters of Owu
Not for your ruined cities and dead allies
Not for your desecrated altars and defiled virgins
Weep ! Make up of ashes , clothes of defeat and wear them for your sons and daughters ,show of tragedy

Blow the Kakaki and hit the Igbin
Not for the joy and glee of the King
Not for the worship of the ultimate deities
Weep ! Dance in agony to the melodies of suffering
Let the pattering of your feet on the mud of sorrow dictate the rhythm

Weep ! The seeds are abandoned ,there is no one to tend the tendrils
The farmlands and green pastures forsaken for valuable cowries .
Yam ,that which reigned as king in the old is now a servant for the bowels only
Weep! For your sons have abandoned us .

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