RHYTHM;NO REASON. by Adesokan Opeyemi

I weep not again today,
For the Orokoro that goes beyond comprehension.
Uttered by the dry mouth of the blind composer,
Song; he calls in no shame.
Ka-tim-ba-ba-ba, ro-ti-ma-la-wa; he says
In no meaning to the open ears,
Ready to be shut off in countless pains.
Audible to thunderous beat repeats,
The hour of death shall not past nor sleep.
I weep not again!
For my tear is a cold hell
Sending down shrills to the voices of the beats,
And this and that shall compound nature.
What prompter dare have a say in the pulse?
What able ear will not shriek to the disastrous compositions of your song?
Alas__ the sun and moon are hidden in clouds!
For your song has sent them to the hiding.
Animals scutter to their domain
For a sound of such a ferocious hunter’s whistle must not be heard.
But a poet’s piece comes with spurs
Lawyers’ defence pumps with reasons
A toiling farmer cultivate not for the relish of wandering goats.
What mystery lies beyond such song of yours?
Weep not for yourself!
For your wagging tongue has betrayed you.
Tell or not; it stops tonight.
For we will no longer be bamboozled by movements,
Nor trembled by jargons.
Isokuso leads to Igbokugbo
Tell or not; it stops tonight.
When all hands are placed loosely on the ears,
Mouths shut in absolute contempt,
We will never be moved by your cries,
For your rhythm has given us no reason.

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