My Colour My pride- Krietivenation

Out of my mother’s womb I came forth
Embraced in the arms of love
My mother said my smiles are joy to motherhood
The town crier cried my father a father
But my colour was yet my pride
Just like the bean seedling I grew
Laughing when my mates laughs
Though I knew not what they laugh at
Babies flickles in fright of me
But my colour was yet my pride.
I wander so lonely on the playground
I heard them say I’m not a human
But a burnt sacrifice to the gods
Umunnem,Where is my mother?
I thought she said my colour is her pride
She said the greatest witch is afraid of me
“The gods sent you as a protection to us
They can’t give what they can’t take
Your colour is a spice to the earth.
 Oki the daughter of our ancestors has visited our home”
Oh my colour what a pride  you are,
You saved me from going to places that would bring tears to my eyes
Filtered and flanked around me amazing souls
You blackened by body
Whitened my eyes
And shield my heart from betrayers
My colour my pride.

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