The Mark on my Face by Josie. Episode 2

My mother had seen the marks several times on my body but couldn’t get to understand, it was quiet strange how the mark disappears before night fall and appear again in the morning from my head to my toe. My grandmother found it strange too but my father’s younger sister suggested that it could be the night ants that usually crawl on the wall. However my mother decided that I will switch sleeping sides with my elder brother who was just 6: I would sleep in the middle of my elder and younger brother whose age difference is 2 years from mine perhaps she wanted the night aunts to bite my elder brother instead of me but whatever it was, it still found me where i laid. While i got those strange marks on my body, nobody else in the room got it.
At that time, i really love engaging myself in anything beyond my age, people often say that I don’t behave like a child. I rarely get scared except for the big tree at the ama in our compound that looks like masquerade in the midnight, the sight of that tree get me scared sometimes i felt it was walking towards me.
One of the things i loved most was engaging in spiritual sacrifice of the gods. I usually go to the shrine to eat foods sacrificed to the gods, it tasted better than my mother’s food. I felt i belonged there. Most times, when the food is only meant for the male elders, the chief priest would give me money to go and buy sweet or biscuits. Although my mother had warned me to stay away from the shrine, I had no ears, I only did what I wanted.
A year later, my father’s elder sister suggested that I should be sent far away from the house; she knew of a new couple in her husband’s village who needs a child to stay with them.
Without much hesitation my mother agreed, looks like she had finally found a way to do a way with me. She was heavily pregnant too, with me in the house, it has not been easy for her as she became a slave to different kinds of sickness to the extent that she was hospitalised at home. Each time she calls me into the room where she laid I usually get scared I knew her chances for survival was very low I could easily sense the aura of death around her. I never wanted to loose my mother therefore every night I would compel my grandmother to ensure that she never dies as if she has a hand in it.
My mother’s parents made an arrangement to take their daughter to the hospital since my father was really carefree about her health. There in the hospital, she sent a message that she doesn’t want to see my face when she returns else she would kill me with her hands.
I was 5 years when I left the house. I went to the city to live with the couple. If only they knew what came into their home.

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