The Mark on my Face by Josie. Episode 4

I woke up one fateful morning to realize that we would be going to a church fellowship by 9am. Ever since I came to the city, I hated the word ‘church’ talk more of going there, because whenever we go to church I always felt my spirit on fire,I would be disturbed till we leave. The thought of going to the church fellowship made me sick but still my guadian insisted that we must go. When got there, I tried as much as possible to control my discomfort.

“Who brought this girl here?”

Oh my, the pastor was pointing at me, I turned behind me hoping that it wasn’t me perhaps it could be anyone behind me.

“It’s me sir”

My aunt responded

I stood where I was shivering like a cold chicken though I tried to control my feet but it just couldn’t obey me, I could almost hear the sound of my boned shattering, it might sound funny but it was only my legs that was shaking like a horse running on one spot.

“What is her name?”

His voice thundered, ‘what will he say about me’ I asked myself but got no reply, it seems that voice that spoke from my inside is also clueless.

“Chinelo sir”

My heart beat raced far away from the church, I just wanted to disappear.

He laughed rhetorically

“This girl is the light of your family”

What! Did i just hear him well? I thought he would say I’m a witch pheeww.

‘This pastor must be a fake man of God’ i said smiling to myself. Gradually my legs came back to normal, but I knew one thing for sure, whatever happened between my legs and I few minutes ago is not ordinary whatever it was, I knew I can’t challenge it.

“She carries so much power than you can fathom, most times all you should do is ask her to pray for you, God will answer your prayers through her”.

Whatever the pastor meant by what he said wasn’t my concern, I was only happy that he didn’t expose me as a witch, as for prayer, the only prayer i knew was the Lord’s prayer which i was thought in school, what concern me with prayer?

After that day,I  noticed that the voice that always spoke to me wasn’t speaking anymore, what could have gone wrong? Or should I say what other spirit activity will I face now?

I was bored at home, no friends to talk or play with except for Mary my only neighbour whom my guardian warned me to stay away from because they believed that she is a witch. Mary is just older than me with 2 years, then She was 8 while I was 6. I loved the smile on her face, she didn’t look like a witch to me except that her grandmother does, we share certain things in common one of which is the fact that we were not living with our biological parents. She had once showed me the picture of her mother, it reminded me of my family. Soon we became secret friends: we would talk when no one is looking at us, we used sign language to communicate alot. My uncle had caught us soo many times and he never hesitated to give me severe beating of my life, still I never stopped talking with her.

I was sitting on a small stool in the kitchen one afternoon when my uncle called me. He told me that he me wanted to pray for my aunt to have a baby.

“Don’t you want to have a sister that you can play with?”

“Yes” I answered

“How many times have i told you to always put ‘sir’ or ‘ma’ whenever you respond to an elderly person” he scolded me

“Sorry sir…yes sir” I answered.

Now I want you to place your hand on your aunty’s stomach and pray for her to have a baby”.

They had been married for 4 years without a child, I wondered where they got the idea that i should pray or that my prayer will work

I have never liked to pray or call on God’s name but anyhow I just obeyed and prayed for the sake of obedience. Few months later I noticed that her stomach was getting bigger. Then suddenly the beautiful lady that I loved the first day I entered the house became a beautiful beast, she began to maltreat me to the extent that I started to think of how I would kill the baby in her womb just to teach her a lesson but whenever I had the chance to do so, I wouldn’t just be able to bring myself to do it.

One fateful midnight I noticed something unusual happening in my room.

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