The Mark on my Face by Josie. Episode3

The moment I stepped into the house I felt as if my spirit was thrown into a deep dungeon. The soft part of me began to miss home especially my little brother whom i usually play with and walk round Agulu girls, a secondary school beside our primary school. I remembered the day we were so hungry that we began to pick up stones to lick the dusts on it, I accidentally swallowed a big granite stone I really didn’t know how but I managed to cough it out. Nedu, my little brother was always beside me all the time, he did whatever I did and cried whenever I cried I’m quite sure that if i fell ill he would have also fallen ill but after I got the mark on my face, I never fell sick. We would walk round the streets picking left over chew gum from the floor or eating wet sands to soothe our hunger, our parents were not always there for us. He was the only reason I wanted to stay behind.The day i left although he was just 3 years he cried so uncontrollably. Tears rolled out of my eyes at the slightest display of those memories and also of the good times I spent with my friends: Adaobi, Neche, Nkiru, Igwebuike.
“You are welcome to our home” a man’s voice awoken the air of reality in me
“What is your name” he asked smiling
I stared steadily at his face, I heard a voice whisper loud into my heart..”This man is the most wicked creature you will ever meet, he is going to be beating the hell out of you” that was the first time I heard something whisper to me, could it be that they followed me to the city? But what ever it was, from that moment hatred began to grow in my heart towards him.
“I’m Chinelo” i spoke in my dialet.
“Come let me show you to…”
“Nna” a lady’s voice interrupted
I looked up and saw a charming beautiful woman, the smile on her lips wiped every hatred in my heart for a moment. “She is a woman with a good heart, his wife”
That voice whispered again
“But how can such a beautiful lady agree to marry a man ugly as this?” I found myself questioning the voice but before I could get any reply, the woman spoke up
“Is she the girl that will be staying with us?”
She said almost teary
“Yes she is the one” he replied
“But she is too small, how can a mother let a small girl like this out of her sight..”
She knelt in front of my and asked
“Nne how old are you”
“I’m 5” i said smiling, I just fell in love with her.
They took me to my room and left to theirs, the building is one of the most common building in festac, Block of Flats, it contained two rooms a parlour and a bathroom in each flats.
It was almost night fall and they haven’t come out from their room.
“Why are they still inside till now, I don’t even have anyone to talk with” I asked myself
“They are making love” that voice again… I don’t know but I understood what it was, sometimes I feel like an adult as if I have existed before I knew physical things that I have never seen before and what they are used for the moment I set my eyes on them; just like the day I wanted to urinate in the toilet, I saw a small transparent nylon inside it, I dipped my hands into the toilet and brought it out, I examined it closely,
“What is this?” I asked myself like always
“It’s condom, it’s used already know”
I laughed so naughtily within me, I decided to act like a child that I was and take it to my aunt and showed it to her
“I saw this in the toilet, It is a nylon but uncle said we should not put anything that’s not tissue in the toilet or else the toilet will block”
She looked at me and then the nylon
“Go and put it back inside the toilet! any time you see something like this in the toilet, dont touch it, are you hearing me” she scolded me
“Yes ma”
I jared within me, did she think I didn’t know what it was?.
Whenever I’m alone, I often talk with the unknown person that lives inside me and laugh at anything that’s funny. There was a time my uncle asked me who I was talking to because he heard me say something and since that day he began to suspect me.

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