No Resolution… By Adesokan Opeyemi.

‘ Everyone has surely got some resolution to make, but I am not going to make any resolution this year. You know why? Because It all started last two years. In 2018, I surely made some beautiful resolutions but I found myself breaking them to smithereens. I am someone who loves to have sex, someone who loves to smoke, someone who doesn’t care too much about his studies, someone who just wants to enjoy his life to the fullest. And when I made some resolutions in 2018 to become a changed man, I surely broke them all over again. I slept with more than 15 ladies, I smoked countless packs of cigarettes, and I even failed all my papers woefully. I just swiftly went back to my vomit. In 2019, I tried to make another resolution but that was the worst year of my life. I almost impregnated a girl. As if that was not enough, I was asked to withdrawal from school. I watched my dream fade away as I hopelessly starred at nothingness. So this 2020, I won’t make any resolution. I know my life is in a big mess, so if at all there’s anything good for me, I want it to happen naturally.’
As I noted this speech given by a friend of mine, I thought it’s about time I talked about resolution to my very understanding.
You see, we all have something we really want to change about ourselves someday and sometime. But change is not something that takes place at a time, it is a gradual process that involves the dynamism of our life towards a shaped direction. A bad habits doesn’t start in a day so if you want to get rid of it, you shouldn’t expect it to be done in a day. It is something that will involve great commitment and discipline and surely, it’s going to take a lot of time. Don’t set a resolution that is too voluminous, for you may end up not being resolute. Here, we are talking about emotional, psychological, physical, intellectual or maybe spiritual detachment or attachment. I know at times, you may just get fed up of everything and you wish you could end it straightway. So you begin to set up some high scale change which at the end becomes unachievable and brings you totally back to your vomit. You may really be tired of that friend that discourages and talks ills of you. But do you really think not talking to him/her again at once will solve the problem? Maybe you have a bad habit that’s been disgracing you publicly and you wish you could terminate it at once and move on. Do you really think that will solve the problem? And how sure are you that another dangerous shameful habit will not be reinvigorated? A writer once said, The best way to kill a bad habit is to replace it with another one that’s good and pleasing. And you know what, this actually takes a lot of time. If you love fighting why don’t you replace it with preaching the words of God? If you love stealing why don’t you replace it with giving and being contented? If you love being envious of people, why don’t you start praying to God to give you more than what they own? If are addicted to sex why don’t use start ‘seeing’ it’s consequences? If you’re not doing well in your academics, why don’t you believe in yourself and strive to do better this time around? These are really not difficult to do, but you actually need that time to be overwhelmed by that change. While undergoing that change, remember to be disciplined as well as prayerful as the change will tend to take so many things from you. So many things that you will find so difficult to relinquish.

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