Society Makes Culture and in Turn Culture Makes Yahya Temitope.

It’s pragmatically unrealistic that a culture would exist at all without an association of human beings. This is because culture connotes arts, customs, beliefs, habits and ways of life of a society or nation. It has therefore been observed that no creation on the earth planet portrays these traits in encompassment except man. Therefore, the unity of these beliefs and way of life is known as culture.

Culture is a natural phenomenon every individual possesses as his own method of living.
Cultures are also referred to as trends, patterns and formats through which humanity evolves. They are the major speakers of existence. Maybe the existence itself. This could be easily comprehended by beginning to study human beings in their daily life. In essence, the way they eat, drink, dress, their manners regards or honour, language, and so on. Even, let’s say culture is above only ways. It further details on rhetorical catechism of what do they wear, eat, drink, enjoy, their festivals, jobs e.t.c. Also, who leads them; how? When and so on.

It could however be extrapolated from this unity in trends and ways of life of people, thier various cultures. Cultures evolve with uniformity in ways of life of people. We can, for sure, say that the diversity of habitats in the world serve as the major origin of their cultures. Before African civilisation, superstitious beliefs, mere myths ancestral ways and wills were, accepted by the people as their obligations which by implication became their way of life. There existed barbaric cultures repugnant to natural justice and equity;
Tribes that believe in trials by ordeals to produce the truths in matters arising in their own societies. The famous one was the ordeal of widows by which came through harsh punishment in order to prove their innocence in the death of their spouses.

Although, these ancient cultures couldn’t be painted all black. The ancient cultures reserved very high standard of morals among the people in their societies.
Even one of the major tribe in Nigeria, Yoruba recommends prostration as their mode of reverence and paying homages to elders and kings. Maybe that was seen as means to cut the wings of pomposity among youths preparing them for the unknown future. Penalties for disobedience were made spiritual in order to instill fear into people and enforce them to fulfil certain cultural values.
The environment established during these aeon eras was rigidly structured to cast out immorality and maintain a high standard of morals, manners and good cultures. The society produced refined youths and subsequently well cultured elders.

However, after the so called civilisation, cultures and values of societies have depreciated. We can read from history, that the obnoxious marauding of the colonialists into countries especially in Africa to pillage the coffers of their various countries have been the main problem. These invasions took so many cherished cultures and values plus the treasures of this endowed continent. In parts of Africa, the French colonialists employed the policy of assimilation which involved making French men out of the original African men the people were. This policy took enormous African cultures and foreign cultures came into force. Many African, who viewed the culture as superior to theirs embraced it while some remained adamant.

After all the changes that had occur in cultural values, it can be deduced that the colonialism stand out to be the main source of cultural pollution. The English men and the French men cast out of the African have been the pliers reforming our potent cultures. Laws are not mainly made according to the values of the people but rather the whites’.Africa Names are now fashioned to meet up with the whites’ name which is their own culture. The level of moral decadence has multiplied over the years. Sex talks, videos and images are everywhere. Prostitution that was an abomination is now legalised among youths. We made the cultures through civilisation, hereby, the culture made out of civilisation is making our offsprings and generations.

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