Few days ago,a particular comic song was everywhere on the social media:

Valentine is coming,
where’s your boyfriend,
 you are sitting at home LONELY.

I remember the first day I heard it, I was like ‘LOL’

 Val’s vibes has been everywhere, girlfriends were already getting expensive gifts from their man before the D-DAY, honestly it was a WOW!

Personally, I ‘ve never considered Valentine’s day as a big deal maybe because of my extreme seclusion to the world. But this time, I felt some kind of enthusiasm towards it; maybe because of the lovely words I read from Krietivenation’s Instagram page or something else I’m yet to know.

Was it really a great day for me? Lol, no one knows..

So, how did you celebrate your Val’s day? I’m just going to write down different ways some people spent their day,you can pick the category you fell in.

Some people woke up on a bed filled with roses,had tea on the bed and some kisses.

Some people didn’t even know that today was Valentine’s day till they got to their place of work.

Most teachers  and students  would have probably been concern with classroom works; moving from one class to another TIRED and HUNGRY hoping the lecture will be cancelled but DISAPPOINTED.

Today might just be someone’s matriculation day. There would have been plenty of food and drinks..orishirishi.. and specifically  those celebrants who might have never been valentinized,  today might just be their best Val’s  day ever.

Some people slept, ate, pressed their phones  and slept again, they continued this way till night fall.

Some were stocked in traffic,trekking and cursing the government for banning motorcycle.

Some visited the less privilege, orphanage homes and showed love to them, and even showed love to the beggars on the street.

Some people where slyed or disappointed  by their lovers who promised to make today special for them.

Some listened to music all day while nursing their heart break.

Some people celebrated their birthdays today, wedding anniversary or remembrance.

Some people had lots of fun and received beautiful gifts.

Some people are just about to have their own share of Valentine’s special moment.

Some people fell ill.

Some had accidents.

Some people died today.

I sat down in that bus feeling so sophisticated but that soulful voice of Celine Dion took me to another world when she said
“let’s talk about love”.

How was your Valentine’s day?

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