Born a Seed

Do you know you were born with a seed. At creation, seed(s) were given to each individual. You were given such seed because you were born as a farmer with a farmland. That seed has the potential for your greatness. It is what you do with it that determines your level of greatness.

Now, you might wonder, how am I born with a seed?. Let me calm your mind. The seed(s) you’re born with are the potentials, talents, gifts and abilities embedded inside you, which God has blessed you with. Your life is the farmland.

You being able to harness, groom and grow your seeds determine how your fruits will turn out to be. The quality of the fruits is dependent on the richness of the farmland as well, so make sure your life is well enriched.

Everybody is responsible for grooming his own seed. You are saddled with the responsibility of working on your farmland and improving it. Horn your seeds into greatness. Cultivate your farmland.

You are the farmer, so whatever you allow on it is what will grow. Get rid of every appearance of weeds – negativity, excesses, bad habits, inferiority complex, low self-esteem, not-good-enough syndrome, negative opinions, doubt, unbelief, worry that will choke your seeds. Don’t delay in getting rid of them.

Prune yourself daily through the word of God, and personal development. Remember you are responsible for growing and nurturing your seeds. Fan it into flames. Grow it to the biggest size.

Go through the process and grow the best fruit as possible, you are allowed. Nobody will grow your farmland, only you, because everybody has theirs. Use every method you can use.
Be deliberate in pruning the best fruit. Use all your efforts because, “the husbandman that laboureth must be first partaker of the fruits” – 2 Timothy 2:6. You are the first to enjoy your success before others, so give it your best shot.

What you do and the extent to which you use your seed determines the reward you’ll get. Exploit it. You are not expected to take back the seeds to your creator, but only fruits. Heaven has abundant resources, so it will not be useful there. You’re meant to grow and reproduce all seeds here nothing such be left unharnessed.

Search for equipment that will help you grow your seeds. If you’re incapacitated, hire labourers (coaches, mentors) that will help bring out the best fruit. Your goal is to grow your seeds and feed the world with it.
Stretch to any capacity, you are permitted, but don’t stretch out of God’s plan.

©Toochi Sunny
Personal Development Trainer

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