Give Yourself Time to Grow.

I was in the salon one day when a lady came in to have her hair done. She had chosen an awkward hair style and they had began plaiting the hair. But the lady seemed restless and made to always check the facial expression of the hair stylist via the mirror.
“Ah Ah!, came the expression of the hair stylist with her mouth agape, what happened to your hair, did you cut it?”, she asked in astonishment.
“No o my sister, it’s one hair I made like that. When I loosened it, I found out that place just pulled out from the scalp”, the lady explained sullenly.
“I think I’ll cut the hair let everything grow back together”, she said.
“No don’t cut it, the hair stylist advised. It will grow back, just give it time. It’s not that bad, at least it’s at the middle not at the front line”.
The lady agreed and asked the stylist to make sure the place is properly covered.
Few months later, I went to make my hair and I met the lady there. This time she had a bright countenance and wasn’t restless like before.
Shebi that place don grow back abi ?”, the hair stylist asked her.
“Yes it has and it grew faster than expected. Thank God I didn’t cut the hair o”.
Most of us are too rigid with our lives, we see every difficult situation as an end. Most people don’t even think twice before taking a decision they might regret later on.
Things might not seem the way it should be. You might have not gotten to that level you expected. You might have gotten to a cross road where you feel putting an end may be the best.
But have you considered giving yourself time. Think through on that situation and give it time. You’ve done your calculations, you know what you’re expecting and when it should be, give it time.
Give yourself time to grow.
Give yourself time to heal.
Give yourself time to be patient.
Give yourself time to love you.
Give yourself time to be better.
Give yourself time to become you not someone else.
Give yourself time to go through that phase.
Don’t be too hard on yourself. The lines will surely fall in pleasant places, but while they’re yet to fall, draw them out.
Be you. Be original. Flow with your style.
Make sure you’re growing to be You, not someone else. There should be no comparison whatsoever with anyone. The only person you should compare with is YOU.
It’s a new month, don’t feel bad at what you couldn’t achieve last month, another opportunity is here for you to GROW.
© Toochi Sunny.
Creative Writer
Personal Development Trainer
Gender Equality Advocate
UN SDG Advocate

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