ORENTE…..by Ridwan. O


I want to sleep in peace and not in pieces,
Laying my head in your wondrous thighs,
Enjoying the frolics you unfurl,
For you are Orente,
The one whom I must marry.
Yes, I want to catch some cruise with you,
Trundling around in Germany today,
Embarking on hikes in Ibadan tomorrow,
Smelling the fragrance of Paris at next season,
For you are Orente,
The one whom I must marry.
I have philandered with so many a lady,
My thread has dared and interwoven a spicule,
My heart has been caught in midst of lust and loss,
But for you Orente, this feeling is indescribable.
This feeling cannot be compared to that of Romeo,
Nor Akin to that of Juliet,
But something much deeper,
Deeper than that of Sango and Oya,
That could intoxicate the Samson in me to reveal my strength to the Delilah in you.
Orente, could my exhausted pen be constantly filled in your profound ink?
Could I be called a nincompoop for your love ‘nins’ and ‘compoops’ me?
Could my past be burnt and buried in your glowing coals?
Could you hypnotize me like the horny demon that fell in love with the water maid?
Orente, I want to stare at the Hills and Mountains with you,
Trudge upon the hardened Rocks while our hands are entwined in lover’s circle,
Mimics the whitened race at your glaring presence,
While you laugh and laugh till your sorrows and past are forgotten,
Thus, interlocked in my lascivious arms,
For you are my Orente,
The one whom I must marry.
Fear and rejection defile humanity,
So long as they continue to exist.
If these are thought beyond requests,
And taken for no lust and Idleness,
If this feeling is equivocal,
And love is made to love itself,
I shall read this to them__the joys of all unions,
Should this day breed gloominess and meet opposition,
Never will my heart be opened to love,
Never shall I have need of sights,
Never shall a day beget smile but sorrow,
For you are my Orente,
The one whom I must marry.
@Adesokan Ridwan O.

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