Before my lifeless body dances into the Mountains of no steps,
Hills that are not hilly,
Rocks of softened fleshes,
You must hear out my tirade,
With your ears pierced to the rhythms of its ugly diatribes.
My heart has been shattered,
And the smithereens are lost.
Perhaps thrown into deep seas to be eaten by wild fish,
Abandoned in the forest to be frolicked by wandering animals,
Scattered in the thin air for wraiths.
Love was my greatest enemy,
Our ways are embodiment of contradictory logics,
Love wanted this, I wanted that,
Agreement was far from us.
‘My will must be done,’ Love howled
‘To hell with you,’ I always said.
Like two bullies fighting for superiority,
Love and I were known foes,
His hard horrible hands were quickened to carve out my weaknesses,
But my wit was a bowel of everlastingness.
‘Who doesn’t need love?
Who can do without love?’
Love always asked rhetorically,
Even when He knew we both got the inclinations behind his incitement.
Love was my greatest enemy,
I never wanted to be loved,
Neither do I want to love,
For loveliness is not a lovely love,
So why should I ever be submerged in love?
Then I allowed love’s issue to get me intoxicated,
Out of excitement of defeating love,
I fell into the dormitory of love trances.
A lass caught my glimpse in this mystery and helped in the closure of my eyes.
I didn’t fall in love,
Like the bush meats fall in the hunters’ snares,
I slept, dreamt and woke in it,
All that could be remembered was the lass who stuck to my side in couple-like.
Indeed, shattering began to drill,
Nocturnality was the order of the day,
The love once hated became sought after,
Now more scarce than the fowl’s teeth,
Much scathing than a bleeding steel.
A taste had made my life tasteless,
A touch had made a drastic difference,
Which I never would have thought real
At times of conflicting love.
My heart turned a toyed irrresistance,
As I began to search for something where I had left nothing,
Lies and promises were my brothers,
Apologies and dreams were my excuses.
All were contending kerfuffles to my existence.
My heart has been shattered by love,
Dreams are dematerialized,
All that’s left is an empty vessel still in a thirst of a flower,
Love came laughing,
Enjoying the stupidity marked out of a man.
A weakness carved out by all dexterity,
‘Lust was indeed a messenger of love’
He is cruel and undefeated,
But excitement is much crueler,
The more I think about the dancing of the lifeless body, the more sanguinary I become.
But all must come to unfulfillment.
@Adesokan Opeyemi.

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