Really missed you,
What have you been up to?
Had my mind on you all-day
Hope you’re okay
Miss our long talks
Nothing specific
Just watching the way your lips moves;
Very addictive.
Remember the way your eyes glisten
Like the moon in the sea
Too mesmerising orbs
Of pure beauty
Your Skin, like silk
Soft and velvety
Looks like chocolate
And feels like a cream.
The figure of a model,
Perfect and curvy.
Could watch you walk for miles
And still, be obsessed.

Anyway thought you should know;
I’m back in town
Been on the low
For a week now
But I wanna meet up,
Nothing big,
Hoping we could talk
Over dinner.
Wanna catch up,
Know what I missed,
Tell you about my experience
And how I lived.

Got you a gift
It’s a bit small
But worth a lot
It’s valuable to me,
More than money.
It’s round and shiny
Bright and a bit heavy
With a beautiful blue rock,
It has the Shape of
a heart on it,
A gold band.
I wanna give it to you
Hope you’ll accept it,
Cos all I want now
Is For you to be mine.


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