…Where Pains Can No Longer Reach You.

I know him,
I know him very well
He was the little boy that usually play with me round the well,
Blessed with a fair Chinese look
No words to define his handsomness.

Years later I heard,
“He died few days ago.”

The news tingled my ears
I hoped I didn’t hear well,
But it was certain,
He died.

How could he die? I mourned.

“He took hard drugs, and it damaged his lungs.”
Unbelievable! But he was just 19.

“He knew he would die,
he held his mother’s hands and pleaded”
“Mum, please let me live, I promise to serve God with my life”
Those were his last words.

If only she could save him
From the snitching hands of death,
Maybe he would have been the son she never had.

I hope you’ve gone to a place where pains can no longer reach you.


Picturecredit: #Pins

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