“The Only Friend I Had Wore Black and Red”.

Though it was quite late, I had to find something to eat, the night will never sleep if I don’t eat; I dragged my tired legs to the mini night market-I had a long evening walk earlier; the usual evening walk had something to do with a secret part of me, it’s something I can’t resist.
The night was cool, I rested my thoughts on the gentle breeze.
A line from the music I played earlier got stuck on my head
“…the only friend I had wore black and red”
It resurrected the feeling of loneliness and depression within, something strong but unexplainable.

“Hey, ogbanje!”
An unknown voice dismissed the illusive world, My curiousity was arrested, but I won’t be found yielding. I pretended as if I didn’t hear anything.
“Hey you, I know that you are an ogbanje and you can’t deny it”
it’s the voice of a young man, who could he be? It was obvious that he was referring to me, but I still didn’t try to pay an attention to him .
I picked a bread from the bread rack, owned by an old lady whom I usually buy beverages from; that was the only thing I could think of buying, I had no strenght to prepare a suitable meal.

“Mama how much is this?” I asked


“You no wan answer me abi…” the young man interrupted,
“…You think say I no know who you be?”

At this point, he was getting on my nerves, but I managed to squeeze out a fake smile.

“No mind this man, na joke im dey joke” the old woman laughed rhetorically, possibly hoping it was a joke.

“Ask her, She knows what I’m talking about, if I see ogbanje, I dey recognise them” he said to counter her unbelief.

She smiled at me, with a “is it true?” kind of look.

“Yes I’m” I answerd blantly, shock was clearly registered on her face.

“I talk am…” sounding like a prophet who just saw a vision for the first time.

“…I can never marry someone like you, Godforbid, you owe a lot to the person who have you the mark on your face”.
I stared at him like an angry demon,

“He doesn’t deserve to live” it wasn’t me talking, he has awoken something in me….

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