oh my gosh, it’s dusty here, pretty much cobwebbed.
yeah, dear readers, it’s been long since I posted here, it’s my fault. I was too busy to remember that I even own a blog room. I apologize.
Actually, henceforth, I’ve decided to be posting stuffs here.
what kind of stuffs will I be posting? you should ask.
I will post things that are entertaining.
you will get Poems, Stories( not just any story but real life stories, something that happened or is happening to me or anyone). I will also be posting videos and some gossip news.
Okay! Yesterday, my friend and decided to go on 14days poetry challenge.
yeah. infact I was supposed to post it earlier today but something came up.
But I’ll still post it…
So what y’all will do for me is to read and comment your most preferred poem…yeah, you will be the judge for fourteen days and on the last day, I will unveil the face of your favourite poet…my heart is already racing.
so here I come…..ring the bell 


My heart had been unstable
Just like the current of the ocean
Dancing to the sounds of the wind
Seduced thousand times by odd lust

You are the anchor
That holds my heart
From sailing and wandering
In the ocean of lust and all

The anchor that sustains my heart
From fading away into the beyond
Like the greens and browns of nature

The anchor that holds my heart
Keeps its fire of hope and faith burning
Without you, oh ANCHOR, I would have drown.

Right in the ocean of thousands
My heart fells firm and safe
Unmoved by the tides of odd lust and all
Thanks to you, oh ANCHOR of anchors.

The next one 


As a little girl, I used to be home alone
the mirror in my room was my world,
I twirled in estacy and in admiration of my reflection
every morning and evening,
speaking to myself and raising every
reasonable and unreasonable argument my head could find

I wore my mother’s shoes,
I couldn’t wait till I’m grown,
how it feels to be big and beautiful just like her.
I’d dress in white and use my headtie for veil
oh, I dreamt of walking the aisle with my prince charming
oh my God, I just couldn’t wait to be free from the walls of childhood. I couldn’t wait to be free.

Now here I am, grown,
but the beauty of the world, I’m yet to unravel
cos it’s entangled with so much pains and responsiblity
I can feel my heart aching and my shoulder hurting
maybe if I hadn’t worn my mother’s shoes
I wouldn’t be in her shoes
maybe if I hadn’t dreamt of love I wouldn’t be seeking for love
and maybe just maybe if I hadn’t wished to be free from childhood, I would still be within my childhood walls.

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