Perfume: The difference between perfume, body spray and mist

Hello my beautifully scented people 😌
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yeah so, today I’ll like to go straight to the point so that atleast you could have a 30 seconds to a minute read.
today I’m going to be talking about the difference between perfume, body spray and mist. This is actually the most frequently asked question on my list.
so here we go.
The main difference between a body spray and a perfume is basically the ratio of concentrated oil to water and alcohol.
so we actually looking at the level of water, oil and alcohol.
now, body sprays have a lower level of concentrated oil and more alcohol, while perfume in various forms have a higher level of oil and less water or alcohol.
You know the oil is what really sustains the scent; so when there’s high level of oil it actually means the fragrance will last for a longer period of time unlike when there’s little oil.
so yeah, body spray smell nice but it will relatively last for some minutes but perfume will actually last for hours.
So if you are the type that likes body spray, you should consider getting a pocket friendly one to retain your scent from time to time

Now, let’s talk about body mist
body mist is a light, soft version of a fragrance that is often feminine with fruity, floral notes. They are very similar to a body spray because they contain a higher level of alcohol and water with a low level of concentrated oils.
I can bet that almost all the body mist you know have this fruity or flowery kind of scent. Although mist is quite similar to body spray, it actually last longer especially when you buy the original ones, and you know, I don’t sell fake things, lol.
So, that’s all for today, hope it didn’t take time🤭
Tomorrow I’ll be talking about how to know perfume that last long.
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Perfume: what you need to know

Hello my beautifully scented people, yeah of course you know it’s one thing to be beautiful and it’s another to have a nice scent but it’s a whole different thing to be beautifully scented. Have you passed by someone and felt an irresistible urge to compliment how he/she smells?
I’ve been in that kind of situation; I entered a public transport one evening on my way home, the bus was quite congested because you know, it’s supposed to be four people on a row but what happens when two people on that same row are unbelievably fat, and bus conductor doesn’t care; they must carry that same number of people…hmm it was funny especially when one had to not only deal with being tight but also the smell of sweats oozing from different direction. Just as the bus was about to move, this young guy in his early 20s entered, the first that caught my attention was this unique scent that followed him, I was like ‘wow! ‘ I just didn’t want to stop breathing😅 I’m usually a shy type especially when approached by an opposite sex but I threw the shyness in the bin, managed to saw ‘excuse me’ and when he turned to me, I smiled so foolishly before complimenting his scent. Sure most people don’t like telling the name of their perf, they’d rather say,
“I can’t remember the name, I threw away the pack”,
you know yourself, yes you do it a lot.
I’ve also been in a situation where I was just on my way to class one hot afternoon when I suddenly got hold of a nice scent, you wouldn’t believe what I did; I just stood still, shut my eyes and inhaled this scent with a gushing smile, I bet those passing by would probably think I’m not in my right senses. beta scent dey always totori my body.😂

So now, let’s talk about the big deal, yes the big deal… *lol*
*clears throat* As you guys know, I sell perfumes, in case you don’t know please take note now cos I’ve had friends who said they don’t know I sell perfumes and I’m like “eh, enipe!”
*lol* that aside, yes I sell perfumes. I have some frequently asked questions from my customers such as:
*what’s the difference between perfume, body spray and mist
*what exactly is Cologne
*How do I know a good perfume; how long does a good perfume last
*How and where is perfume supposed to be sprayed
*which is best, perfume or perfume oil?
*If I go into perfume business will I do well?
The good news is that I’m here to answer all your questions, and if you have more, state it in the comment box.
so basically today I want to start by asking you if you’re a perfume freak,
what’s your best brand so far,
the perfume you’re using right now do you like it?☺️