The ocean of the main land . by Nelo Josie

You remind me of the creation story

For a thousand years you have beautifully circulated your territory.

I sat far off from you watching the twinkling light of the sun dance on your horizon

I find solace in the spell of the air you breathe

At the top of the bridge.

At dawn you magnificently wave the sun goodbye.

Lovers love glows as the stars of the sky is multiplied in you

Making a wish for everlasting peace.

At the mid of the night, you are like the swimming forest that spells the bow of street light.

The ocean of the mainland.

I have heard your cry which no one understands,

The fishermen disrupt your sleep and takes away your habitats

Heartless  peasants  befouls your loveliness and drowns you in stink.

Still I feel the better part of you

The Lagoon of my school.

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