The gong is ready to cry -NELO

Why am I forgotten?
I who disseminated the message of the kings
At my voice the village stand still
I, the headshaker of the elders
Mouth opener of women and children
Why am I forgotten?
I have been left in d mud for years
Where is Nzekwe the famous towncrier
Tell him to tell the ancestors that their children has forgotten their tradition
They have been swallowed into the witchcraft of the whites
Their language is now our language
Their food our food
Tufia abomination!
Amadioha! Amadioha!
Wake-up you have eaten enough from the plate of slumber.
Didn’t the chief priest says that the gods never sleep?
Where is ojenammadu?
Tell him to come quick that the gong is ready to cry.

4 thoughts on “The gong is ready to cry -NELO

  1. Its cry I worth it!Afterall, it’s valid truth that it stands the risk of being extinct in our 21st century Nigeria.
    A great thought there!

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