Heart speaks

Me:Heart I don’t understand you anymore, you have been cold these past few days what’s happening

Heart: I’m weakly in need of resuscitation. The people I love are going farther apart from me
Ola is moving completely out of Lagos,who will encourage me when I’m down?.
Wale is leaving to Kano state, who will make me happy when I’m sad.
Worst still Kasiyanka of all people totally broke and shattered me..I’m only left with a strand of air.

Me: I know, I feel the pain too but we still have someone left just that you are not letting me talk with him

My heart: yes I know we have someone left and that is the only strand that is keeping me alive.

Me: Datz why I need your full attention so that He can help resuscitate you back to good health… this is not the first time we felt left by the people we love the most,we just have to be strong and help eachother ..else… I’m sure you wont like what will come next…hope you are listening…hearrrt..heartt…stop this joke and talk to me…hearrrt

Heart: Stop shouting,you are hurting me😢..do whatever you want but don’t let him leave us.

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