Easter and Chinelo

‘Chizy, Ada, both of you should get ready for prayer’

I heard the voice of my mum ringing the bell for prayer

‘Oh God I still want to sleep’ my eyes shuddered tightly,hoping she would pass my room without opening my door.

Disappointment slaped, my name came running out of her mouth even before she twited the door handle

‘Chinelo chinelo, oya oya get up let’s go and pray’

Although I wanted to act deaf, but it wasn’t possible because I knew that we both know that I heard.

‘Mummy nah’ I squeezed my face and pouted my mouth. All I wanted was for he to leave me to sleep

‘Eh what?’

‘Happy Easter’ I managed to say still maintain the same facial expression

‘Same to you too’ she replied

She woke my younger ones and took them to the toilet to urinate and then to the parlour to pray.

I dragged my body out of the bed, it’s easy to say my spirit nor my body was willing, half way to the parlour, my dad’s voice reminded me that I wasn’t properly dressed for the prayer; I turned round, headed back to my room, took out my rosary and grabbed my wrapper; I had to cover up my body else he would say I’m advertising my body for enticement.

I made up my mind that I would sleep while the prayer last but luck ran out on me when my mum ordered me to pray.

‘Chinelo pray for us’  when I heard it, I thought it was a dream till it registered in my brain that I was asked to pray.

‘In Jesus name…’ the prayer begun

After praying, I staggard into my room and threw myself on the bed

‘I really need to sleep at least for five minute’ I said to myself

Just as I was about to shut my eyes, dad voiced out

‘Chinelo what are we eating this morning, who is in charge of the kitchen today?’

‘Daddy it’s Chizy’ I replied with one eye closed

I was about to shut the opened eye when my mum’s voice rang out


I pretended as if I didn’t hear hoping she won’t call again

‘Chinelo chinelo!’

‘Maaaa’ I replied almost frustrated

‘Come and sweep and mob the house, what’s the time? Don’t you know that today is Easter? Do what you are supposed to do and come down stairs let’s cook’

‘Yes ma’

‘What is it nah somebody can’t even rest for 5 minutes’ I muttered

I wasn’t feeling sleepy anymore, they had finally succeded in sucking away my sleep.

The phone pluged just next to the fan

Seem to say
*’helloo you haven’t touched me o’*

‘I slept very late at night just because of this phone’ I sighed but couldn’t resist unplugging it, before anyone could say J A C K, I already logged in to WhatsApp, then Facebook, WordPress ,then instagram.

‘ Chineloooo’ it’s mum again

…’see you this girl don’t get me angry o, so you haven’t even swept the floor talk more of bathing your younger ones, don’t dare me oo else I will take your phone and smash it on the floor…’

‘ How did she know I was pressing my phone?? Mothers ehh’

I kept quiet thinking she would lower her voice  but she never did

‘ yes ma’

My little sister, Chizy, laughed her way into my room and added more fuel to the fire with her loud voice

‘Sisterrr stop pressing your phone, go and do what mummy is saying’. I almost knocked her mouth

‘Don’t let me come and meet you there ooo’  my mum continued, guess my sister has achieved her aim.

I droped the phone and went straight to bath my younger ones.

‘Oh God the soap has finished’

Although I knew asking my mum for soap will cause another case, still I knocked on her door,
‘Who is that!’ She answered like a lion ready to bite

‘Mummy I want to take bathing soap’

Immediately she opened the door…

‘ you see you ehh, you think I’m a fool or you think can take me for granted, I bought 500 airtime for you and all you have being doing is to press your phone up and down, this is the kind of character that will make your husband chase you out of his house, ehh what kind of human being are you? Don’t you know today is easter?…..’

‘Mummy please I’m sorry’
that’s was the only way out else she would shout till the neighbours know what I did.

I quickly did all the house chores, who wants to be reprimanded for being lazy… abeg make my ear hear word small

My cousin,Ada, and I started making preparations for the Easter delicacy, soon mum joined us.

After a while in the kitchen,I felt weak and sneaked to my room,

Before I could congratulate myself for the successful sneak out, mum yelled out


‘Oh God what have I done to deserve this eh’ though I pretended no to hear my name, it came ringing out again

‘Chinelo!my friend will you come downstairs!

‘Ok ma…
‘I ‘ve done the needful why can’t they just let me rest’

In no time Chizy walked in

‘Chizy please can you carry me up cos this bed don’t want to let go of me, my body is not willing to give it up’

She stared at me hilariously and gazed back at her phone.

‘See Chizy, I continued,…if I’m going downstairs you will be going with me afterall you are the one in charge of the kitchen.’

‘Chinelo! Chizy!’

mum seem to know my mind as she called out for both of us.

As soon as we reached downstairs, my little brother’s birthday cake was already lying at the dinning.

‘Oya you people should gather here let’s pray and wish Chiribe a happy birthday’ dad instructed.

I stood behind the celebrant with both eyes closed waiting for the prayer to begin.
After the blessings and birthday wishes I took the cake to the kitchen to cut a slice for everyone.

‘Chinelo’ dad called

‘Sir’ I replied

‘come and drink this wine’

I smiled, without hesitation I went in to grab a glass

‘Are you eating cake?,’ he asked as soon as I appeared

‘Yes sir, but I can still drink it like that’  i replied knowing he would tell me to come back for the drink after eating the cake.

‘It’s an alcohol and it will taste very bitter if you are eating something, go and drink water first’ he adviced

‘No nah daddy I can drink it like that’ I smiled

‘Because of a drink you are smiling, oya take and drink’.

‘Ok sir’

I took it and gulped down the drink.

‘How is it?’ He asked

‘It’s ok’ I managed to smile even though It was terrible.

‘Do you want more?’

I could hear my stomach say

‘More kee, noo don’t try it’

But my mouth said something else

‘Yes sir I want more’ he poured a little

‘Daddy pour more’

my mouth betrayed me again

My stomach became hot, very hot.

As if it was saying.. ‘you are mad, you never see anything’.

All I wanted was to act like big girl, so I gulped the last glass, it was indeed bitter but I’m a big girl nah, I smiled mischievously.

‘Chinelo come and change the gas cylinder the old one has finished’ that’s mum again

I stared at her and Ada who stood beside her

‘Ma?’ I thought I didn’t hear what she said.

‘Are you deaf? Go and change the gas cylinder’ she frowned

‘Are you sure she isn’t drunk’ dad questioned rather sacarstically

‘No daddy haba I’m not drunk’ I replied as I draged my body outside to change the cylinder.

‘Am I the one carrying Myself or is it breeze?’  I asked myself.
My stomach rumbled and dizziness seem to spin my body.

I was about to sneak upstairs again when my dad called me

‘Are you sure you are ok? Or are you feeling dizzy?’

I laughed rhetorically

‘Dizzy ke, noo o I’m ok, I’m ok’

‘Then where are you going to, go back to the kitchen and help out’ he ordered.

‘Daddy I’m coming first,just give me few minutes I will come back when the food is ready’

He knew it was useless talking to me cos it seem I was gradually going out of my mind.

I staggered on the stairs and finally landed on my bed

‘ oh thank…’

‘ Chinelooooooo’ my mum yelled out again

‘Oh God, this people want to kill me’😢 I almost cried

My elder brother
 knocked at my door

‘Mummy is calling you, come and serve visitors’ he said mockingly.

‘Please tell her that I’m sleeping, tell her that I’m dizzy or tell her that I’m in the toilet’  I pleaded

‘ no o you must follow me downstairs’ he insisted.

I had no choice but to go down

‘Take a plate and serve the visitors’ mum instructed

‘Yes ma’  I picked the plate and staggered backwards

‘If you mistakenly push anything down eh, I will slap that drink out of your body, try me and see just try me and see’

Chaii So this Easter😢😢

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