The Journey is Yet to End

Ouuh (coughs) this place is very dusty (coughs again) where are the brooms, please I need a bucket and a mop stick, a lot needs to be put in place😩

Yeah yeah, Krietivenation’s blog is now back 🤓 we have been off for a while but it was for the best, trust me….and yes, we are going to be giving you something that will make you come back for more everyweek🤭.

Yeah, it’s no longer news that today is Nigeria’s 60th anniversary🥳🥳. Personally, krietivenation is wishing Nigeria and her citizens long life and prosperity. Can I hear a round of applause👏👏

Yes without much ado, I will like to go straight to the point.
This evening Krietivenation has decided to share an episode on how some Nigerians celebrated their country. There’s so much to say, but everything that needs to be said will be said with pictures. yeah pictures, you read right,😂😂. Also, we have a video for you all… calm down😄

But first, let me celebrate Nigeria with my own picture🇳🇬


so let’s take a look at other pictures…

Here this picture says _”we are imprisoned in our own country”_ or what do you think?
Someone described this picture with a poem. In our hearts we are hurt
Our ladies been raped
The weak being bullied
Our youths without job
Corruption in the air
Can we keep this for long
It now 60 years
Waiting for the so called change
When,where,how,which day will the change arrive
Raise up your voice and flag
Let call for change
Cast votes to the right person
If promises aren’t fulfilled kill him
We want the change at 60 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Written by David.
What is this picture saying? I think the little girl is trying to say _”Nigeria, please protect your children from the hands of rapist”_ or what do you think… I’m not really good at captioning pictures.😄
Someone has already graded the country. Nigerians ain’t smiling ooo.
Somepeople are about to deny their country…hmmm this is serious 😑
PUNCH NEWSPAPER… What a news on the 1st of all months😨😨
Forget about the reply, focus on the heading. I’m caught up with the word “TOGETHER”.
Some people are really having their fun…I love these attire😊😊.
Have you gotten your Rapsody? If you didn’t get any then you must have been indoor all day😂😂.

Before I drop the video, I would like to ask you; How was your day😊😊? Feel free to drop your comments and like😊😊.

Brought to you by Krietivenation.

10 thoughts on “The Journey is Yet to End

  1. Happy independent a soar day too bad everyone has a their different ways of celebration. There is a country were government and the leaders seem not to care any more about the people. If independent day gives us joy, pain, the pain to deny our sense of belonging then our solution will not come to us

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