The land has forbidden you,
Worthless sons and daughters of avaricious hearts.
It wails upon your returns, screams at the sight of you, threatens demolishment,
For you have soiled upon it desecration.
Oh Returnees! Your feet are like that of Elephant,
So heavy and mannerless,
Dominating and inconsiderable,
That even the little ant dismisses its petition for colossal flesh.
The land is in a great distress,
For the ungrateful now trample upon it,
Not just as mundane inhabitants,
But as horrible pompous authoritative possessors.
Its wailing and screaming grow more thunderous,
Like a kid screaming for wants.
In need, you disowned the land,
In affliction you came back to it,
As if like a confused senseless spouse,
That jingles his pattern to a state of perplexity.
What then shall we say to the aggressive brags?
To the going ups and coming down?
To the imitative mouth that condemns the land for the pleasure of where it didn’t suck in the nipples?
Or has the Olukon refused to favour you?
Has disdain crept into your heart,
That you cannot bare the pain of seeing?
The land is indeed filled with troubled questions;
Sheathed in his heart that borne and grown worries.
Subduction emanating from the covetous hollowed mouth,
In readiness to vivify a promissory,
No, Let the land grieve and curse
For lies will beget lie,
Should it not, it will forever be encamped in mockery.
@Adesokan Opeyemi.


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